“Words cannot express how grateful we were to have Grace’s help before, and after our little boy was born! In hindsight, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without her. Before Archie was born she came over to ‘assess the situation’ (to see how organised we were - we were not organised) and told us all of the essentials we needed to buy, giving us wonderful tips on products and furniture. After Archie was born she was a wonderful support, aiding us in swaddling, settling, feeding - and just a lot of general wisdom and goodness. She is so unbelievably kind and peaceful to have around, we felt completely at ease and trusted whatever advice she gave us. For this we nicknamed her Mary Poppins! Thank you Grace for your amazing support and aiding us in having the best possible start to parenthood!"
Olivia P, St Heliers
Grace was truly amazing. She gave me a one on one hands on tutorial on everything from breastfeeding to setting up our babies room to promote better sleep. Our life has become a lot easier since Grace visited and I have gained a lot more confidence as a new mum. I can't recommend Grace enough.
Dr Charlotte J, Ellerslie
“When preparing for a baby for the first time it really is a case of “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Grace’s assistance as we set-up our nursery and navigated the minefield of consumer options was invaluable. Her gracious support gave us enormous confidence as we launched into our adventure as first-time parents. We can’t thank you enough!”
Tali H, Mt Albert
“Grace’s help in setting up our nursery was invaluable. The little tips and tricks she shared helped make the first few months dealing with an infant with reflux bearable. Thanks Grace – you are absolutely gold!”
Athalia H, Remuera
"I was fortunate to have Grace help me, with her skill, support, sense of humor & commitment, to get through one of the most challenging transitions of my life. Grace helped me grow in confidence, as she taught me how to be a mum. "
Emma W, Auckland
"After the birth of our first child, we found Grace's help to be invaluable. Grace showed great competency in assisting us establish routines & answering any questions we had. Grace was also caring, supportive of us, very reassuring. We would highly recommend investing in her services - she's worth her weight in GOLD!!!!!!!!"
Mark W, Eastern Suburbs
“Grace is extremely loyal, honest, reliable and a very very capable and mature lady. She has such a gentle and caring nature and just loves babies and they too absolutely love and respect her. We would highly recommend her to any family.”
Jonelle P, St Heliers
"Grace’s expertise proved invaluable when it came to setting up everything we needed for our new addition to the family. Nothing is too much trouble for Grace and she made every aspect of the journey a real joy.”
Sarah C, Whitford