Nursery Set Up

Everything you need to get prepared.

Many new parents find the range of baby products on the market today overwhelming to say the least. That is where I come in. Having thoroughly researched and personally used many of the products on the market I can help you narrow down the choices by discussing your wants, needs, lifestyle and budget, as well as helping you avoid spending money on items you don’t need. I have developed a comprehensive list of baby essentials – everything from nappies and singlets to cots and buggies. Whether you’re a busy career mum or just don’t know what to buy, let me help you! I can come to your home or just talk on the phone….

Here is what I can help you with and much more:

  • Nursery set up.
  • Comprehensive list of essentials.
  • Assist you on shopping trips or source nursery items for you.
  • Give you the skills to confidently look after your baby e.g. show you how to swaddle, bath a baby, make up the bassinet or cot or anything else you want to know!
  • Discuss different parenting styles and the numerous ‘expert’ advice out there.
  • Discuss any concerns or questions you have about your upcoming birth or what the first few weeks of having a newborn will be like.

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Practical Parenting Antenatal Classes

All the information you really need to know!

What makes us different to other antenatal courses on offer?

We spend 50% of the time talking about the birthing experience, and 50% of the time talking about AFTER the baby comes. As you would expect from an antenatal course, the sessions will be spent preparing you well for the birth experience. However, it is the second half of the course that sets us apart. We'll talk about what happens AFTER the baby comes. This practical how-to of parenting and relationship building will give you the tools you need to step confidently into your parenting journey.